Dance Exercise for Wellness

Hi, everybody,

How are you all? Let me tell you something about me. I am slimmer and instead of losing weight, I am always looking for a workout that will help me build my endurance. I get tired easily, so I started with my dance training, which does not put too much strain on my energy level. Yes, after a dance session of only 5 minutes, I am out of breath with my heart throbbing. I’m just a beginner, so please excuse me.

What I felt was that a dance workout makes me happy and it is a well-known fact that doing things that make you happy is always beneficial

Dance Exercise For Fitness

Before you start the session, do warm-up and stretching exercises. You should not take high-voltage dance steps without warming up.

Stay well hydrated as you will have to sweat during the session

It is best to look in the mirror while dancing. You can see their shape while making the movements. I always look in the mirror and also make facial expressions that are just for fun, but it feels good.

Beginners (like me!) should not overdo it. Remember, slow and steady wins the race!

Rest in between. Do not let yourself get tired.

After completing the session, perform recovery exercises.

Do not forget to have something to eat before your session. It can be fresh fruit or dried fruits. If you have a long and strict session, you also need something after the session. Opt for foods that contain protein and carbohydrates. Your options are cottage cheese, wholemeal sandwich, fish, chicken, fruit and nuts.

As for the shoe part, the shoes and shoes that are best suited for Bollywood dance training should have good surprise absorbers and protect your feet. Although some people (even me) prefer to dance barefoot, it’s a good idea to invest in good dance shoes if you do it for long hours.

I don’t have a coach or instructor, but I’m happy to be the master of my own volition. Sometimes movements have a magical effect on me, and that’s why I chose this instead of other endurance exercises. How you can benefit from dancing:

Protects against issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart issue, osteoporosis and get-down
Tightens your whole body, not just one target area.

Helps with weight loss. (aerobic dancing is especially helpful)

Increases your stamina. Dancing can also help with low energy. According to a study, a weekly dance program can help improve body performance and increase energy levels.

The flexibility of the body increases.

Strengthens bones and muscles without issue the joints.

Since dancing requires fast movements and good posture, it will help you stabilize and better control your body. It improves your posture and balance.

Reduces stress and tension by distracting the mind from the problems of current life.

According to one study, it is known to improve memory and prevent long-term dementia.

It is good for heart health.

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