Fitness on Ends of Week Method for Preparing on Sunday

Well, if you ask me, I spent almost half of my last Sunday in the gym. Hey, wait.. I’m not trying to brag here and not that wearing dumbbells for six hours is also courage. In fact, it was the most relaxing and rejuvenating Sunday I’ve had in the last century. Here’s what I did:

I slept pretty well on Saturday soir.Je I know you don’t go to bed early on a Saturday night, so I’m not asking you to do it at all.

I went to my cardio strength training on Sunday at 8:30, which lasted until 10: 00.

I had a little more nuts after training. Although in general it is not enough, but I do not eat anything except nuts and water before the bath, so I had no choice but to refuel.

Then came the interesting part-the steam room. On Sunday mornings, I never see crowds in the steam zone, so I’m the smart person to take the opportunity to have a steam room in the bedroom alone. I can never share the area with another person on my schedules; hence Sunday mornings. I took a quick bath afterwards and finished with both in about 35 minutes.

You have to believe me when I say that I was incredibly relaxed and could literally hear a gentle “thank you” whisper from every part of my body.

Then I came for breakfast, 2 sandwiches with black bread stuffed with onions, tomatoes and cucumbers, cut into small pieces. Followed by a small bowl of raw cheese and strawberry pieces about 45 minutes after.
Again I went to my head spa session in the salon area of the gym. This quick back and forth is possible because the gym in my house is barely a kilometer away. If it had been far away, I would have taken breakfast with me in a box. The massage was extremely relaxing and I could not think of anything else but to repeat the same ritual the next weekend.
I came back, had lunch, finished my things on hold and was on the street on Sunday evening.

Now I know that my life is not similar to yours, you could have responsibilities that are not comparable to mine anywhere, but you know – no one will give you a piece of time and tell you: “Ja jee le apni zindagi”; you need to do this for yourself. All of the above are not pampering.. Okay, I can rephrase that.. All this is not just pampering, but it is important that your body works well. If you want to be one of those women who have an inspiring body over 40 and 50, you need to take care of yourself. Not just the appearance, but a strong body without weaknesses, pain or hanging posture.

Believe me, no matter how much your husband, children or family loves you, no one will ever take care of you forever if your body gives up. It may sound harsh, but that’s how we humans are, even you wouldn’t like to serve someone forever without worrying. I know that the family demands so much of you on a Sunday; you are a very humble and sacrificial lady, but my dear, love you first.

Get up, go ahead and remember: take everything; you will make your body stronger and fitter. You will not be dependent on anyone, except for your own strong shoulders. You will take time for yourself from the daily time table (or tear off) and you will work to become fitter.

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