Fitness Patterns Innovation Is the Key

What we do in our present determines our future. It is a general human psychology to weave future plans into the present itself.
These plans can be linked to anything, be it our work, our next car or simply the next type of clothing we want to buy. But what do we do for our health? Let’s start a workout with the simple prospect that it could help us avoid long-term health problems! No, we rarely do that.

Most of us exercise when our doctors tell us, which usually takes a day or two. How many times did your health-related New Year’s resolution last beyond January?

Few of us have this fitness enthusiast among us. We are the generation that knows everything about the new Apple phone that is coming to the market.

we have no idea about futuristic fitness trends. Although there are many fitness trends in the current scenario, but as 2019 is coming to an end soon, we will focus on the best futuristic and innovative fitness trends for 2020.

Eight-part method-YOGA

As defined by Patanjali, this is a classification of classical yoga as given in his yoga sutras.

The eight members are defined as follows:

  • Yama (abstinence),
  • Niyama (Conformity),
  • Asana (yoga postures),
  • Pranayana (breath control),
  • Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses) ,
  • Dharana (concentration),
  • Dhyana (Meditation),
  • Samadhi (absorption).

This method expands the meaning of yoga beyond the concepts of bending and stretching, it is the union of the soul with the Almighty. It focuses on techniques for the development of human consciousness through the development of a
a meaningful and useful life. It is an insight into the relationship between body, mind and the components of the soul. This member is 8 years old

The method of yoga leads to the ultimate path to self-realization.

Functional training

The main word is “function”, therefore functional training includes any training that has a purpose. The “goal” is what makes the difference here. The “goal” may be different from improving daily routine exercises such as walking, running, squatting, or other games in general such as football, soccer, tennis, etc.
be able to easily complete everyday tasks. It includes compound exercises such as squats, lunges and floor lifts. It is aimed at improving the body’s ability to work effectively by improving coordination,
Balancing and maintaining body awareness, which reduces the risk of issue.

Hatha Yoga

It is a mixture of high-intensity interval training (HITT) and yoga asanas. This is specially designed to serve the dual purpose of burning fat and strengthening strength. Also known as sprint interval
Training (sitting) it is a form of interval training method, mainly a form of cardiovascular exercise that alternates with periods of intense activity
anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. It is very beneficial that frequently followed practices, as it not only helps to increase strength and flexibility, but also improves heart health, while promoting relaxation through the connection of mind and body.

Improved Wearable Technology

An activity tracker, or more commonly referred to as a fitness tracker, is the device that checks fitness-related measurements such as the distance traveled per day or the number of steps, more precisely calories
consumed in one day and some are also designed to measure the heart rate. This is a big futuristic trend, as people are more conscious and dedicated to personal health and want to know all the details in one fell swoop. With the growing tendency of people to be fit, to be conscious, the urge to buy such products is also increasing.

Personal training

Personal training is defined as training that is focused on individual growth and can vary from person to person. This is a very trendy factor nowadays, as people are more focused on fitness
and strive for better results in every way. It is also observed that even in comparison with the usual gym, personal trainers are more dedicated and responsible to their clients
Coaches, because all their attention is focused on one person. Therefore, the success rate in this scenario is high.

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