Kinds of Swimming and Their Advantages for Fitness

Swimming is one of the most exciting exercises that any water lover can do. Those who are afraid of water or can not swim are sorely lacking.

1. Free style

Free style as the name implies is a free form of swimming, everyone can choose any style and swim. The most common style in these is front crawl and very easy to learn, especially for beginners in swimming who need to adapt. It can burn up to 700 calories at an average pace.

2. Back

As the name suggests, it’s like lying on your back and swimming. It works very well on shoulders, arms, kitchens and the lower back. It can burn up to 500 calories.

3. Breaststroke

Here you use your chest and without moving your lower body. You can burn up to 800 calories in an hour with it and an extremely intense workout for the upper body complete with triceps, shoulders, chest, arms and legs a little.

4. Butterfly

Here it is used by moving your hands back and forth at the same time. It gives a great pace and flexible workouts and strengthens your bras, chest and abdomen. It is said that the most difficult thing is to burn up to 900 calories.

5. Paddle for dog

It’s like dogs swimming and they paddle their arms and legs back and forth with their head and chest up. It’s a relaxing shot and burns no more than 200 to 300 calories, even at the fastest speed.

6. Side swipe

This is a long-range pose that supports both sides of your body at once. It is also very relaxing and can be used as an anesthetic. There will be no strain on the knees, back or legs.

7. Rationalizer

It is the most used starter of all races, as it gives you a good start and requires intensive stretching of the legs and upper body. There is a lower resistance and slides as smoothly under water as under water.

8. Floating kick

It is a simpler blow than the breaststroke, and a combination with the dolphin push. There is a lot of pressure on the thigh muscles and can lead to issue and should not be performed at a vigorous pace.

9. Trudgen Crawl

It’s like the crawl before, but with a scissor kick instead of a floating kick. It works your back and straightens it up, it makes your calves stronger.

10. Underwater swimming

It is perhaps the scariest of all, but can really help with lung capacity and nerves. This should be done only if you are good at basic swimming and can not drown. This is mainly done with trudgen crawl.

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