Tips to Remain Disciplined for Health and Fitness

As we know, regular exercise and healthy eating is the simple path to healthy well being. Eating healthy, regular yoga and a healthy lifestyle keeps you away from the risk of unhealthy issues and lifestyle. But all the hard work done for a few days fails just due to one thing… Lack of discipline.

Here we discuss today easy to do ways to stay focussed and disciplined for the sake of our health and fitness.

Tips to eat healthy

When it comes to eating healthy doesn’t mean choosing vegetables over pizza’s and burger’s. One can eat a thin crust pizza or burger overloaded with healthy veggies and natural seasonings.

Use your greens in your chapatti dough and dals. For example pureed spinach can be added to make green chapatis or even added to various dals and chutneys.

Add chopped tomatoes and cucumbers to mayonaise (find recipe here) while making sandwiches for breakfast and evening tea.
Walkout and workouts.

Proper exercise with the proper amount of balanced diet of nourishment is the simple key to fitness. Starting your day with exercise and yoga keeps you calm all day and works towards replenishing your body and brain.

If you do not get time to go out for a walk, do some walkout indoors.

If nothing else, do spot walking while waiting for tea or kids’ milk is getting ready.

Do not forget these tips

Choosing the right kind of breakfast is crucial as skipping the morning meal leaves you lethargic and stressed.
Good sleep is one thing that you must get to avoid unhealthy lifestyle as if your body is not well rested, you will make all kinds of wrong decisions. Sleep like a baby- anger, stress, distress whatever might happen; JUST SLEEP IT OUT.

Consume right amount of water and for that keeping a water bottle handy with you all time is the best way to avoid dehydration.

Skipping meals just to avoid the breaks in your work flow and busy schedules can be the worst choice that you could ever make.

Just keep fruits with you and have one whenever feel hungry.

De-stressing in any way you can keeps you stress free. Morning yoga, regular outings, meeting your friends and family on a regular basis keeps you stress free.

Nowadays, fast food becomes the easiest and unhealthiest food of all times. Try to avoid fast food and oily food.
Try to consume only homefood cooked in a best way it can be.

Food, yoga, and healthy lifestyle is the path to long life and good health. The only thing needed is to take baby steps consciously and keep growing.

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