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Sunny June is just around the corner, and amid the excitement of celebrating my next birthday, it’s all the more special this year. The youngest member of our family, my son-in-law, is also my twin twin. I wanted to send her a surprise birthday present, but I didn’t know what to send her. It was then that I decided to use all the innate detective skills that are so typical for all mothers, with the help of my daughter, who acts like a mole. Soon I received pictures of Skechers Go Run Ride 9, which my son-in-law was chasing. As a runner, what else could I expect from my passionate marathon runner son-in-law? So her favorite shoe was delivered soon and as a very special person about her shoes I thought about using this opportunity for my blog. Without skipping the opportunity, I asked him to give his own opinion on what makes him choose this choice from the wide variety of running shoes that are on the market (and online). Well, some of you may find its color too bright, but I think a shiny shoe always sets the mood for training.

What makes a good running shoe

Running requires a lot from your body, as it is one of the most intense and intense forms of body activity. When running, the impulse generates a lot of force. Sometimes it can be up to 5 times our body weight! Imagine how our feet hit the ground every time our supporting joints need to absorb this force. The surprise of this impact is felt in the feet. It then pulls the spine upwards, which can lead to stress and strain on the joints, resulting in pain and issue.

Running shoes must provide significant cushioning of the midsole, provide arch support to prevent issue and improve athletic performance. A pair of good shoes must also meet your specific walking gait. In matters where it is more difficult to land on the middle of the foot or heel when running. This can effectively reduce pain and joint fatigue when running.

Another thing I understood is that if you have flat feet, you certainly need to be very careful with your training and fitness shoes, since they do not have a prominent arch. (the reason why my son-in-law is never satisfied with the running shoes available on the market, since he has to take care of his flat feet). Well, back to the shoes for flat feet, this arch is the distance between the sole of the foot and the heel when you are standing. Since flat feet provide greater flexibility, shoes are needed that allow movement control. No wonder you want to have a strong heel support and a sturdy foam for the middle of your foot.‌

Finally, after using Skechers Go Run Ride 9, here is my son-in-law’s review of Shoe that he especially picked up.

Skechers Go Run Ride 9, why I loved it.

“Since childhood, I have had difficulty finding suitable shoes. In addition to the fact that they grow rapidly in size 12, flat feet (a condition in which the natural arches of the sole of the foot do not grow) also did not help.

Removing a shoe from the rack was not an option. From uncomfortable shoes to the lack of available shoes, I coped with everything. Of course, for all the reasons mentioned above, I have never been able to find a balance between comfort and fun while running/jogging. That was until recent times came, and I was forced to check my aerobic abilities and my overall health.

I decided to try running. And the first step (and although the most important one) was to find a good training shoe. Since my wife is a fan of Skechers, we decided to visit her store. After a few minutes of searching and.. here… Skechers Go Run Ride 9 was my obvious choice.

The rack’s size 12 and thick, airy foam midsole give it a curved swing shape that can comfortably support my flat feet and dampen the maximum force of my heavy six-foot frame.

The outsole was designed by Goodyear (yes, the tire brand!), so you can be sure of their durability. Also provides excellent traction on rainy roads of Mumbai!

It feels so easy to walk in my knees, and I can maintain my gait and step without discomfort. These are ideal for jogging/long distance racing! The breathable mesh on the shaft meant no smelly socks! My only complaint is that they could have offered more design/color variations. But overall, an excellent investment.

I am so in love with the look of this shoe that I decided to change my old hiking shoe and use it for my daily walks. So, soon you will notice that I am publishing another review of another shoe from our favorite shoe brand Skechers. Until then, stay fit and active and yes, don’t forget to try out Skechers Go Run Ride 9 shoes.

Here’s why every hiker and runner needs to try Skechers Go Run Ride 9 for the next walk or run

It is lightweight with an excellent cushion with a striking area in the middle of the foot that promotes efficiency at every step.

The HYPERBURST cushioned midsole makes them more efficient for a very responsive and ultra-light running experience. The foam used in this shoe is created with a “Super Critical ® ” process that has compressed spherical cells in the midsole.

The Goodyear performance outsole provides improved traction, stability and durability for the runner, making every run a pleasant experience.

Breathable technical mesh always keeps it fresh.

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